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Review for shrimp tacos
Calypso Shrimp Tacos FTW

It’s such a relief to know that there’s a healthy option for us pescatarians, amongst the food trucks. AND they’re delicious, refreshing, and beautiful!

Review for Mango Jerk Chicken
A very happy celiac

“I facebooked about a GF option, being a celiac, and I was super impressed with how amazing the food was! I had the Jerk Chicken and the flavors were on point and a nice subtle resonating heat. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me back on facebook with the options that were available to me! I certainly appreciate it and I appreciate that the awesome lady calling out orders called out that I was a fb messaged GF order (I am assuming that meant extra care lol) I really do appreciate it. Most GF food tastes terrible!!! I can’t wait to have my Jerk Chicken again!!!!!”

Review for Mango Jerk Chicken
"My new favorite food truck"

“Omg….I’ve found my new favorite food truck. The jerk chicken (sooo tender!) and peas n rice was fantastic! I had this for lunch yesterday and woke up craving their food again today. I wish it was Tuesday again.”

22 reviews «1 of 8»

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